Photographing the Great Blue Heron – VIDEO – Photographier le Grand Héron

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I take a great deal of Wildlife Video that you’ll probably never see on Flickr as it’s destined for location databases for the Movie and Television production world.

I’ll often leave a video camera running for documentation and security purposes. Quebec, Canada has in the recent years made a mass evacuation of it’s mental health clinics leaving an unusually high number of mentally ill individuals roaming the streets with very little to no help or resources. It’s not unusual too meat such deranged individuals, with a fear of cameras, reacting negatively to the presence of a photographer. Your only recourse is a video documenting that you were actually taking pictures of birds and not of mentally ill people…

This footage was taken recently as I was taking the pictures of a great blue heron I recently posted to Flickr.

I hope it gives you a good idea of the environment this bird was photographed in. The Video Camera is sitting a few feet above me. I’m laying on a flat inclined boulder. My feet are actually in the water and my head barely 18 inches above the water allowing me to bring you eye level photographs of the Great Blue Heron Fishing. I was able to photograph this particular individual in 2 sessions for a total of 3 hours in 100 degree weather. It was hot but worth it.

Approaching these birds is not always an easy task. Having studied the area and working on the concept that birds always come back if there’s a source of food, I was fairly confident that if I scared her off she would return. She eventually got comfortable enough with my presence that she was fishing within 10 feet of me making it impossible to see the entire bird in the viewfinder. She eventually did leave, allowing me to refresh myself with some water. She did return within 15 minutes.

Most of the time these tapes are deleted and re-used the next day. This time it made for some semi-interesting footage.

I’m not sure where this bird is going to be headed this winter but she may get the shock of her life if she’s headed for the Gulf of Mexico

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