Batten Down the Hatches; Hurricane Irene Makes it to Montreal!

August 28, 2011  •  Leave a Comment

Yesterday’s media almost had me believing I’d see Noah’s Ark floating by my living room window by day’s end. Hurricane Irene has been down rated but still walloped New York City with heavy winds and rain. Late this morning Hurricane Irene’s influence in the Montreal region showed it’s dirty little nose. Rain and winds have been increasing at a steady pace yet it seems like very little damage to trees and the electric grid are in store for Montreal.

What was amazing to see was the Doppler radar imagery from McGill University’s J.S. Marshall Radar Observatory. Montreal was such a tiny spec compared to the large mass of clouds devouring it.

This may however bring misfortune to some shoreline birds and migratory birds as they try and venture inland to escape the storm. Montreal area Birders may get a rare opportunity to observe species rarely seen in their area. As in years past some birds have gotten lost and unfortunately some of them have perished as Montreal’s Cold Winter slowly crept up on them.

Below is our interactive radar map that will allow you to follow Hurricane Irene’s last few remaining days as she slowly dies down from her northern journey up North America’s East Coast. You can enable Radar, Satellite or both and animate the map. Satellite imagery will give the best view of Hurricane Irene’s cloud dispersion. You can drag the map back and forth with your mouse and zoom in and out as necessary.

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