Affordable Photography Gifts for the last minute Shopper - 2015

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There’s plenty of Holiday Shopping guides filled with all sorts of Holiday Gift ideas. Most photography related guides deal with high priced ticket items or absolutely useless gadgets and trinkets. Here’s the official Steve Troletti TOP 7 List. These seven great gift suggestions are all under $100 and are sure to be a welcome addition to many photographer’s gear bag.

I always encourage individuals to purchase locally. Here are some stores where I've shopped at and received good service over the years.

  1. Los Angeles Area - Paul's Photo in Torrance, CA is our favorite - Bel Air Camera
  2. Montreal Area - L. L. Lozeau - Photo Service
  3. Geneva Switzerland - Photo Hall NOW CLOSED - EURO-PHOTO
  4. Milano Italy - Foto Ottica

If you don't have a local photography store servicing your area we include some affiliated links to purchase the items online.


1. Giottos Rocket Air Blasters

Giotto Rocket Air BlowerGiotto Rocket Air Blower

The rocket-shaped air-blowers are made from a silica gel, they are very powerful and easy to use. They are made from nontoxic, environmentally friendly material, resistant to both high and low temperatures, tear-proof. It has an air valve to prevent it from breathing in dust and blows out a powerful stream of air to blow dust away, to make cleaning lenses, cameras, filters a breeze. Unique rocket-shaped design can stand upright, and its nozzle can be removed.

By far one of my favorite items. The most efficient little air blower on the market. It should be in every camera bag. The Giotto Rocket Air Blasters are available in different colors, sizes and various cleaning kits. Visit your local camera store or buy online from:

Buy in the USA on

Buy in Canada on

Buy online in Germany / Austria on

Buy online in the UK from

Buy online in France on

Buy online in Italy on

Buy Giottos Rocket Air Blaster on eBay


2. The Hoodman Hoodloupe (New Compact Model)

Hoodloupe Compact - OpenHoodloupe Compact - Open Hoodloupe Compact - ClosedHoodloupe Compact - Closed

This is my second must have. The optics on this little loupe are incredible. The adjustable +/- 3 dioptre allows you to clearly view your LCD without the need for eye glasses. Very useful when shooting outdoor on bright sunny days as an LCD can be hard to read in those light conditions. There’s a whole list of accessories from hoodman for the hoodloupe including camera attachments and an eyecup. There's also a new collapsible model available making it easier than ever to carry around.

Choosing the right size HoodLoupe for your camera is easy:

  • If you have a CANON 3.2" screen, the CH32 will fit your camera so you are ordering the right HoodLoupe. 
  • The H32 is a non-collapsing model that will also fit CANON 3.2" screens.
  • If you have a NIKON 3.2" screen, the HLPP3M will fit your camera. Excep for Nikon D750 (you will need the CH32 or H32).
  • If you have a CANON / NiKON / SONY or any 3" screen, the same HLPP3M will fit your camera...

The Hoodloupe is small, lightweight and robust. The included case and neck strap make it easy to carry anywhere. Visit your local camera store or buy online from: 

Buy in Canada on

Buy in the USA on

Buy in the UK on

Buy in Germany /Austria on

Buy in France on

Buy in Italy on

Buy the Hoodman Hoodloupe on eBay


3. The Seagull Right Angle Viewfinder

Seagull Right Angle ViewfinderSeagull Right Angle Viewfinder

My favourite low cost alternative to those costly name brand right angle viewfinders. The Seagull Right Angle Viewfinder comes equipped with a universal adapter kit that should fit almost any SLR/DSLR you may have. It’s lightweight with great optical quality. The wide range dioptre makes it quick and easy to adjust to your eyesight. A handy neoprene carry case is also included.

A right angle finder is a must have item for the macro photographer and Seagull makes it affordable for everyone.

  1. 5 eyepiece adapters for Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Leica, Pentax, Olympus and Fuji cameras
  2. Keeps correct subject position even with 360 degrees rotation
  3. Dioptre adjustment to accommodate for individual eyesight. Rubber eyecup for comfortable viewing
  4. 9 elements in 5 groups with high quality glass roof prism
  5. 1x or 2x manually switchable magnification

Read my full review

Visit your local camera store or buy online from:

Buy Online in the USA From

Buy online in Canada from

Buy online in the UK from

Buy in Germany / Austria on

Buy in France on



Buy the Seagull Right Angle Finder on eBay


4. Collapsible Disc Light Reflector

12 inch reflector12 inch reflector

One item that is seldom in a photographer’s kit, yet should be used more often is a Collapsible Disc, Light Reflector. Starting as small as 12 inches these discs often come in kits allowing you to reflect light in different shades and effects. Small discs are often used in macro photography while larger discs for portrait and group photos. Larger disc kits even come with a diffuser. I always carry a 12 inch disc on me for macro subjects.

Collapsible Disc Light Reflectors come in a variety of shapes, sizes and kits. They’re always an affordable gift idea. Visit your local camera store or buy online from:

Buy in Canada on

Buy in the USA on

Buy online in the UK on

Buy in Germany / Austria on

Buy in France on

Buy in Italy on

Buy Collapsible Disc Light Reflectors on eBay


5. Pow Gloves Transfilmer Glove

Pow Men's Transfilmer MittPow Men's Transfilmer Mitt

With the cold winter days just around the corner, the Pow Gloves Men’s Transfilmer Gloves Keep your trigger finger warm and make sure you get the shot when you’re on camera duty. These midweight softshell gloves transform from mitten to photo-friendly gloves in a quick flip so you won’t miss the action. Just slip the mitt's tip back to reveal a fingered glove that leaves your trigger finger free. A goat-skin palm, Thinsulate insulation, and micro-fleece lining keep your hands happy when not shooting. A quality product made with pride in the USA....

I got mine from

Buy the Pow Men's Transfilmer Mitt on Amazon

6. White Balance Cards (Grey, White Black)

This is a no brainer at under the $10 mark. These 3 cards will make life easier when it comes to getting your white balance right. I use them all the time, especially in light changing situations. Photograph them in any light and then you can easily fine tune your white balance at a simple click in post processing. Visit your local camera store or buy online from:

Buy White Balance Cards in the USA at

Buy in Canada from

Buy online in the UK from

Buy in Germany / Austria on

Buy in France on

Buy in Italy on


7. Triggertrap - Smartphone smart remote for your camera


The Triggertrap dongle and software is just genius. I use it all the time for long exposures. Although compatible with many 3rd party applications the Triggertrap software gives you a multitude of trigger profiles based on sound, light and movement. The app is fully compatible with Android and IOS while the optional flash adapter has some limitations in Android. I use the Android version and carry an older Nexus 4 in my camera bag dedicated to my Triggertrap. I've also use the dongle with My Blackberry 10 device using DSLR remote.

I got mine directly from: Triggertrap online store

Buy Triggertrap in the USA from

Buy Triggertrap in Canada from

Buy Triggertrap in the UK on

Buy Triggertrap in Germany / Austria on

Buy Triggertrap online in France on

Buy Triggertrap online in Italy on



We hope you like these affordable photography gifts. We believe these affordable Holiday Stocking Stuffer will offer great value, usefulness and put a smile on every photographer this Holiday Season!


From everyone at Steve Troletti Photography we Wish You a Happy Holiday Season!








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