Celebrating Nikon's 100th Anniversary with Digital Photo Magazine

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For Nikon's 100th Anniversary, Flavia Dalmasso from Oracom in Paris approached me with an interesting offer. An 8-page interview in the French Magazine "Photographie Facile les Essentiels", an off series release of the popular magazine Digital Photo published by Oracom in France.



These offers have always piqued my interest, especially after 35 years of photography, 33 with a Nikon in my hands. The interview and the image selection isn't the hard part, but you apply yourself out of respect for the readers and for the sake of keeping things interesting. For me, the most difficult part was to supply a recent portrait of myself for the article.

Like many photographers, I usually find myself in front of a lens while cleaning it. Thanks to this lack of recent portraits, I decided to go ahead and have Caesar, my little four months old Barred parakeet (Linny / lineolated parakeet) join me. It was lots of fun and extremely amusing. That's exactly how it should be, we should never take ourselves too seriously as photographers. As much as we can share and teach others, there's always something new for us to learn.


César le Toui Catherine et son tonton Steve


As you can see, it took a few different sessions to get a decent portrait out of this partnership. You can't blame a young bird with superior intelligence for being extremely curious his first time out in a photo studio.



I personally had no preview of the final layout and image selection. It's a bit my fault as I provided more content than necessary to make sure they had anything and everything they needed to fit their layout of choice. Once again, I have to extend a warm thank-you to Oracom and Digital Photo Magazine for allowing me to communicate my message of empathy for wildlife by creating awareness for ethical nature and wildlife photography.

This edition will be available in newsstands for the final three months of 2017. (October, November and December). You can buy your own copy in Quebec as well as in France, French Switzerland and other French-speaking regions. Some previews of past editions are available online on their BLOG. You can also get your own subscription to DIGITAL PHOTO MAGAZINE ONLINE.




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