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Mont-Saint-Bruno National Park -  Seigniorial Lake - 360 Degree PhotoSphereRuins of the old Font Castle and the Church of Font dedicated to St-SulpiceInfrared Horse - Cheval InfrarougeRockingham Church and St. Leonard's Anglican Cemetery - Interior HDRRockingham Church and St. Leonard's Anglican Cemetery - IRRockingham Church and St. Leonard's Anglican CemeteryKayak - Iles-de-Boucherville - IRQuai flottant - Floating Deck - IRStade olympique de Montréal - Olympic Stadium - IRBasilique Sainte-Anne de Varennes - IRL'Agriculture su l'ile de la commune - IRLa vieille grange de l'ile de la communeLe vieux Boucherville vu du parc national des Îles-de-BouchervillePonceau à arches - IR - Arch bridge 2Le chenal La Passe - IRCerf de Virginie - White-tailed deer 3Cerf de Virginie - White-tailed deer 2Cerf de Virginie - White-tailed deer 1Indigo bunting - Passerin indigo

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