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Palais des congrès de MontréalNest with a viewVillage Historique Écomusée d'AlsacePetite Venise de ColmarPetite Venise de ColmarUsine électrique Combe-GarotFin de la journée sur le lac de GruyèreEnd of the day on the Gruyère LakeBeating the HeatwaveFancy's Bower - IRGreat Crested Grebe on a rainy day / Grèbe huppé sous la pluieThe IR Shepherd - La bergere IRThe Marsh / Le Marais - IRBarred parakeet on perch after bath360 Library / Bibliothèque Montarville-BoucherLe ruisseau Sabrevois IR Full Spectrum B&WBrown creeper - Grimpereau brunEarth Day - April 22nd 2018 - Snapping Turtle and TrashView of the Gruyère Lake and the Fribourg PrealpsResting Lory for the Beverly Challenge

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